Our focus and concept

"We are not just a service provider, we see ourselves as partners to our clients whom we fully support and proactively approach to contribute to their success. We have learned that long-term relationships are more important to us than short-term revenue. Thus, I encourage you to join our growing group of satisfied collaborators and discover the potential and professionalism of Associated Medical Clinical Science Services."

Our focus

Associated Medical focuses on assisting pharmaceutical companies with delivering safe and effective products on the market. We concentrate on the conduct GCP-compliant clinical research projects in a timely manner with cost-effective and quality oriented solutions.

Our concept

Size, price and time

Many pharmaceutical companies have experienced difficulties to outsource studies effectively due to the fact that a vast number of clinical research organizations, especially the corporational ones tend to be too expensive due to their high overhead and orientation to a large multilevel type of work.

Smaller CROs like Associated Medical tend to conduct these projects using CHEAPER and more FLEXIBLE approach. Owing to our "COSY SIZE" we can much FASTER adapt to new ideas and technologies, especially true in the areas of discovery and development.

We are fully aware that time is money. Associated Medical is able to fulfill clients’ requirements far more quickly than most of the well-known clinical research organizations with many structures. Why? Associated Medical guarantees a fast and reasonable decision making whereas in corporational CROs decisions have to go through all the company structures, executives or managers, what results in long-lasting processes that frequently hinder a study development.

Owing to all these entrepreneurial efforts, Associated Medical now provides excellent competence in clinical research based on our experience and high scientific background of its employees with a strict focus on time and price.

It has become clear that price is the product that needs a kind of redesign to generate venue. Price is value for money – and we have implemented ways to modify price. The most critical driving factor for price is time. We are not producing any goods. Our good is the time we need for our services.

Associated Medical follows the LLC – the Local Low Cost Concept, where "local" means close relationship to local clients, sites, vendors and patient associations that influence the price and time of our services. Experience and expertise accumulated by the staff over the years sets Associated Medical in a strong position to consult Sponsors on strategical and tactical issues in conducting tailored clinical trials.


Not at all! We are experts in conducting clinical trials in Poland (huge investigator database, partnerships with many clinics and hospitals, local know-how regarding regulations, submission and requirements). But we can offer you FAR MORE. Thanks to our stable ALLIANCE OF PARTNERS we can offer you a huge selection of investigators in countries of east and west parts of Europe, the USA and Latin America and all of it under the Local Low Cost Concept.


It may seem that conducting a multinational, multicentre trial through a chain of partners is burdened with enormous costs, uncontrolled project managements dispersed onto each local team, hectic organization and communication lines, long decision making,,,, You cannot be more mistaken!

Since its very beginning we conduct multinational trials shoulder to shoulder with our partners. Therefore Associated Medical comprises experience, local knowledge and skills to conduct multinational trials thanks to the involvement in many previous successful projects of a global reach.


Associated Medical can offer you one contract, one project management (despite the number of countries involved), one line of communications, one set of SOPs, one price for the whole project that will be competitive to what you are already used to! The LOCAL LOW COST CONCEPT is our biggest asset and this is what distinguishes us and makes the clients come again and again – it really works! Contact us to learn more.

Advantages of research and development in Poland:

  • High quality of data obtained with low expenses (lower operational costs)
  • Well characterized population
  • Motivated and cooperative patients willing to participate in the trials due to their economic situations
  • Prestigious medical schools with the European tradition
  • Well motivated investigators with good command of English familiar with GCP and experienced in conducting clinical trials
  • Medical institutions equipped with state-of the art facilities, interested in performing medical trials;
  • Implemented EU law regulations for ICH-GCP trials, with Regulatory Authorities and local Ethics Committees
  • IRB/IEC approval times comparable to those in EU

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